What is your current dilemma? Let me help you overcome, live, and love with complete self-assurance.

Nazeemah Cassiem

Confidence Coach for Women

Be Courageous, Authentic, Self-Confident, and Inspired

I had the confidence to be me. Whether in love or life, health or wealth, personal or business, I can help you find the confidence to be you.

People tell me all the time how lucky I am that everything I put out there happens. It has not always been this way. It wasn’t always easy. As a young widow, facing the world on my own meant I had to believe in myself when it seemed like the odds were against me. This great belief in myself attributed to where I am today. I’m happy, strong in confidence, and I do not allow anyone to compromise who I am. I’m fully in control. The best part is that I have become aware of which battles to fight and how, whether with myself or others.

One of my successes was, and in fact still is, that I’ve opened up and acknowledged when I needed to reach out for help. There is a huge need for women to step up and claim their space in all aspects of life, especially in personal and business relationships. With the right balance of strength and vulnerability, we need a way to assert ourselves from the inside out so that our confidence speaks, not our words or our actions.

With confidence comes clarity. One of my biggest dilemmas was finding my soul mate. Knowing what I know about my powers of attraction, it took me under five minutes to write what I was looking for in a man and I’ve received 90% of what I asked the Universe.

15- minute free session

What’s your dilemma? Are you ready to become a coachee? In this free intro session we get to know each other and get a feel for how to move forward. If you need more than 15 minutes, we’ll do an on-the-go hour mentoring session for R90 for the full hour.


6-week coaching

Weekly one-on-one online or offline sessions where I help you learn self-compassion as you find your true self. Together, we create a safe space with full-on discussions of where you are and where you want to be, stretching yourself beyond anything you could’ve imagined. You’re guided to unpack your dilemma as you find the courage to take a leap of faith towards living your best life.

Price: R4500

Half-day & overnight wellness retreats

Step outside the busyness and join a safe space where you can just be you. Unpack your dilemmas while enjoying:

  • Discussions on various topics
  • Meals
  • Meditation and stillness
  • Complete rejuvenation
  • Fun and laughter

Remember to dress comfortably. For overnight retreats, pack your overnight bag, yoga mat, sleeping bag, favourite pillow and your favourite munchies for a fun night with the girls.

Price & dates: enquire

About me

coaching certifications

They say I attract people like a magnet. What I know is that I have an instinct to nurture and grow people around me. My strength is networking and fostering great relationships.

I’ve been a certified international life coach since 2011 and my passion is to help others achieve their goals. I’ve done many things, maybe some that I’m not all that proud of. What I’m most proud of is that, as I build my career, I still have the pleasure to embrace what the world has to offer. I lived my adventure dream during 2013 having climbed the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal, Himalayas, a life-changing experience. I also took a leap of faith in my forties and entered into a marriage for the second time, blended family, and I simply embrace life moment by moment.

I took chances, so can you.


I used to believe that I needed to put everything and everyone before myself. That included my family, my work, and even acquaintances. But in doing so, I neglected my own physical, mental, and financial needs. I never valued myself as much as I should have. My first sessions with Nazeemah allowed me some introspection and finally taking into account myself – Anelissa. And in working with her, I began to learn how to love, value and respect myself. And turns out, I’m a pretty cool person who is deserving of love, self-compassion and patience. Now I walk with more confidence because I’m beginning to learn my value and I am starting to appreciate myself more and more.

As the old saying goes “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”
I'm not usually the type to make the time and actually fill in service reviews and things like that. In summary, I live from moment to moment.

Few months back I was stuck in a really dark place. Feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, felt like I have no control, super unsexy and unhealthy... Just my whole personal state was in shambles.

My main reason for reaching out to Nazeemah is because I tried other methods of therapy and was just not helping. I wanted to make sure that I look after my job and my concentration was slipping affecting my performance negatively. Truth be told, I was still performing but at bare minimum which was huge drop for me personally as I love my job and making a difference.

I sat with Nazeemah (the friend first) and she recommended, why do you not try this coaching sessions with me. Honestly, I was skeptical. A friend knowing all my deep dark thoughts. How would they judge and see me? Or even just stay neutral? Second thought was... Why not? I have tried everything. Maybe having someone who understands my religion, culture, etc. might make the difference.

So I invested in myself. I spent the money and booked my sessions.

My experience with her was amazing. Very professional, got me looking at life in a different way. Made me put the focus on me and what I really wanted and needed. Mind you, there was nothing really with religion and culture etc hehehe. Very structured approach on simply helping me to focus on me and feel good about myself. Since then, I have recommended her to multiple people but our journey is all our own believe. When you ready it will be there. My take out from all of this. I need to focus on me, be selfish, priorities and do it. Make the effort and show up for yourself. My journey continues without her because self development never ends but I do have the tools.

Anxiety lower, able to concentrate and perform and even guide some people through some issues. Guide, as I do not believe in giving advice. I'm not a professional.

Shukran Nazeemah

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